Ab-Solutely Shredded 4-Week Trainer

Ab-Solutely Shredded 4-Week Trainer

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For less than the price of an average fast food meal, you can start your journey today! 

Ab-Solutely Shredded 4-Week Ab Program was originally designed by Chris Douglas under RN Fitness Network now evovled to Alpha-Omega Fitness Network.  Spencer and Chris have been using this program for the last few months and have seen results, that may vary with inconsistency.  With proper balance of diet, nutrition, and physical activity, the results will come!  You must be willing to accept change in order to allow yourself to evolve.  We encourage you to track your results by using the mirror and clothes rather than the scale.  NUMBERS CAN LIE, is it a 6, a 9, or is it a g.  On a side note the moon does increase gravitational push on earth, which causes us to weigh more at night and the tide increase.   

Muscle is more dense than fat. A pound of muscle is the size of a fist.  A pound of fat is less dense and and has a larger volume.  Though you might gain weight as you increase your muscle mass, you will notice your physique transforming.  As you increase your muscle mass you actually start burning more calories.  Muscle has a higher caloric expenditure than fat.  This means muscles burns more calories than fat.    

Remember you are roughly 60% water and hydration is important for protein synthesis to happen efficiently.  If you are dehydrated you will not synthesize protein as efficiently.  Stay hydrated and DO NOT try to sweat off the pounds.  Initially, you will lose water weight, however you will stress your body to the max and increase cortisol from your adrenal gland increasing your blood sugar.  You will also have to rehydrate and your weight will rebound and increase, due to dehydration and increased stress.  Instead, if you allow yourself to be cool during an exercise program (still exerting yourself) you will actually burn more calories as your body increases calorie expenditure to stay warm.  This is why you eat more food in the winter time and less in the summer.  Your body requires more calories in order to maintain homestatisis in regards to thermoregulation.  This is science not an infomercial.  Facts are facts, especially when backed by science and research.  Dont't believe us? Look it up, that's what we did!

Thank you for your support and track your results!  Take a picture on the first day and after 4 Weeks.  After 4 weeks take a week break and start the program over again.  This will allow your body to fully recover, which creates a new foundation for more results.

Videos are available with suggestions on how to complete the exercises in the program above.

If you have any questions or concerns email alphaomegafitnessnetwork@gmail.com!

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