Shoot Fore the Stars

We all have dreams, but only 1% of us actually choose to live our dreams, instead of dreaming it.  This is your chance to turn your vision into a reality.    


  1. We want to help others out who do not have the resources to start their own business.  We fortunately have a platform, that you can start your business on.  We can help you with making videos and other key marketing items. 
  2. We will not charge you anything for your page and products, or whatever you niche is! We want to help you.
  3. If you prove yourself and make your dreams a reality, we may offer your company a spot in "The Alpha-Omega Network"! 
  4. Shoot an email with your pitch.  If we like it, we will be in contact with you soon!

    *Worse we can say is no, or help guide you to ideas that will help develop your vision into your new lifestyle.  We will not take your idea. Promise. We already have way too many ideas to implement now!