Brow Chakra

Third Eye

Color: Indigo

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Meaning: Command

Archangel: Metatron

Location: Behind center of forehead (pineal gland)

Areas Affected: Sinuses, eye, brain

Element: Light

Sense: Sixth (ESP)

Gland: Pineal

Seed Sound: Om

Food Type: Visually appealing, mind altering substances/psychedelics

Crystals: Azurite, labradorite, indigo kyanite, barite, blue polite, purple charoite

Essential Oils: Awaken, Cinnamon Bark & Dream Cather


Ruling Planet: Neptune

Main Focus: ESP and clear perception

Basic Need: To connect with higher self

Right: To Percieve 

Positive Traits: Intuitive,  insightful, equanimous, wise, perceptive, psychic, visionary, fair

Under-active Signs:  Can't recall dreams, lacks intuition, sinus issues, overly prone to altitude sickness

Overactive Signs: Nightmares, hallucinations, bipolar, migraines, dyslexia, eye or sinus issues, insomnia, dizziness.

Best Healing Methods: Meditation, intuitive exercises, making vision boards, lucid dreaming exercises.