About Us



  • The First
  • The Beginning
  • First Letter of the Greek Alphabet (1)
  • Dominant in a particular group or population (The World)


  • The End
  • The Last Letter of the Greek Alphabet (24)
  • Ohms (Electrical Conduction and Resistance; Sound)


  • The passing on of traits to further generations (Happiness)
  • The ability to increase its numbers in succeeding generations (Adaption)


  • A group or network of interconnected people or things (Networking)
  • Horizontal or verticals arranged (Web)

Perception of Us:

Alpha-Omega Fitness Network (AOFN124) is a spiritual resource for your self education, spiritual insight & expansion of your spiritual consciousness.

Meet The Creator:

Alpha-Omega Fitness Network was created from the intuitive download of Chris Douglas.  Chris was previously a registered nurse, prior to his spiritual awakening.  He slowly became frustrated with western medicine, as he saw people endlessly being fed pharmaceutical instead of healing the problem itself.  This is the start of Chris's solution to the increases problems presenting themselves in Western Medicine and culture.

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Other Info: 

Sun Sign: Pisces

Moon Sign: Pisces

Rising/Ascendant: Capricorn

Midheaven: Libra

Chiron: Cancer

North Node: Capricorn

South Node: Cancer

Lifepath: 11 (2/9)

Destiny: 6

Major Astrological Alignments:

- Yod (Aries, Gemini, Scorpio)

- Grand Trine (Pisces, Cancer Scorpio)

- T Square 1 (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer)

- T Square 2 (Libra, Capricorn, Aries)

- T Square 3 (Aquarius, Libra, Leo0