About Us



  • The First
  • The Beginning
  • First Letter of the Greek Alphabet (1)
  • Dominant in a particular group or population (The World)


  • The End
  • The Last Letter of the Greek Alphabet (24)
  • Ohms (Electrical Conduction and Resistance; Sound)


  • The passing on of traits to further generations (Happiness)
  • The ability to increase its numbers in succeeding generations (Adaption)


  • A group or network of interconnected people or things (Networking)
  • Horizontal or verticals arranged (Web)

Perception of Us:

Alpha-Omega Fitness Network is not just a fitness company.  We are everything, a slice of the pie, or 3.14159265359 (Pi).  We can go on forever.  This is door one of many doors we want to go through in life.  Health and wellness involves the environment or everything that a human has around them during the day.  This is why humans cannot be studied.  We always have a stressor acting on us 24/7.  A stressor can be anything and everything (reading this, the white background, gravity at 9.8 meters/second^2 unless you are floating).  We are an adaptable company, that is helping everyone around the world learn how to live each day to the fullest. We strive to empower others on simple way to change their life.  Overall increasing their quality of life, living in the moment. 


Fitness vs. Fitness:

Fitness in context of biology ("the study of life") means the passing of traits on to further generations.  For example, if I was 300 lbs and had 7 kids, I would be extremely fit.  Especially, if all 7 of those kids had 7 more kids and so on.  My genes would be passed on to many generations and my "gene pool" would increase exponentially.  In comparison, someone who is "ripped" or "shredded" for their age group may appear to be "fit", but they do not have any children.  In having no children, they will not pass their genes onto further generation and their gene pool.  They would no longer exist or become extinct.  We are creating fitness for future generations, by creating a universal health resources for this generation and following generations.     



In solving one of life's main problems, you can actually solve all other problems that occur on a daily basis.  Alpha-Omega Fitness Network is truly a consumer advocate company.  We strive to help everyone wanting help.  We are like the game of Uno. For instance, you must adapt to the current situation or lose miserably.  When you think you have it figured out, some lays a draw 4+ card and changes the color.  Anytime you reach an obstacle you do 3 things; Avoid it, be happy where you are, or overcome it.  We prefer to go with the third option.  This only allows you to continually better yourself.  This is part of the system we want to teach the world.  However, what you apply our concepts to is your decision.  We respect that.

The Team  

Chris Douglas, RN, BSN, CPN

CEO/CO-Founder of Alpha-Omega Fitness Network.  Chris previously worked as a pediatric nurse at Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, Missouri for about over two years.  Prior to working in pediatrics, he worked as a medical surgical nurse at Truman Medical Center, in Kansas City, Missouri.

After completing half of his Master's Degree in Nursing Science, Chris decided to put school on pause to pursue his true passion, helping others.  He believes that he can have a larger impact and help educate more people in the world with Alpha-Omega Fitness Network.  This company is his dream and passion, created for you.

Chris obtained a biology degree at Ottawa University, where he was a four year letter winner for the brave's men's golf team.  He went on to complete a one year accelerated RN/BSN program through the University of Saint Mary.  Recently he has completed 22/44 hours of his MSN/FNP at the University of Central Missouri.  He plans to return to school in the near future and complete his MSN to expand Alpha-Omega Fitness Network.


  • Kansas Registered Nurse
  • Missouri Register Nurse


  • Basic Life Supports (BLS)
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN)
  • Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS)


  • Ottawa University 
    • Bachelor Degree of Arts and Biology
  • University of Saint Mary
    • Bachelor's in Science of Nursing
  • University of Central Missouri
    • Master's of Science in Nursing
      • Family Nurse Practitioner Focus
      • Complete 22/44 Hours
      • Over 150 Clinical Hours Experience

Continued Education:

Currently has 412.5 hours of Continued Medical Education (CME) since June 2017

Spencer Ellsperman

Co-Founder of Alpha-Omega Fitness Network.  Spencer worked as a Head Golf Professional and Assistant General Manager at Blue Springs Golf Club. Where he provided lessons and managed daily operations at his facility. Spencer has always been wanting to find more effective ways to help and better everyone around him. And with his current position with Alpha-Omega Fitness Network, he is able to achieve pursing his true desire to help everyone.

Spencer obtained an Exercise Science degree at Ottawa University, where he was a 2-year letter winner for the Brave's Mens golf team. He has three years of management experience in the golf industry. He is also a Level One Hank Haney Instructor and currently obtaining Level Two certification.


  • Ottawa University 
    • Bachelor's in Exercise Science and Physiology 

Ricardo "Uncle Rico" Hurtado

Manager at Alpha-Omega Fitness Network. Rico comes with extensive experience in managing resort and waterpark operations. He currently manages daily operations in his department at his property. His team has won multiple awards for safety and awareness for their waterpark operation. Rico is driven to provide the best customer experience and lead a team to success and with Alpha-Omega Fitness Network, he will bring that to our team and members.

Rico is currently working on finishing his bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus on operations. He previously was a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) as well as a BLS Instructor. He comes with 9 years of experience in management as well as being owner of Lennox Cleaning Services in KCK.