Over the past three months I have started meditating more.  I have learned a plethora about myself and others.  In giving myself a minimum of 15 minutes a day, I have learned how to use my thoughts to find success.

What is meditation? Meditation is simply exploring one's thoughts.  Meditation allows us a chance to truly focus on what we are thinking.  Meditation allows us time to focus on why we cannot get a thought off our mind.  There are several different types of mediation, however they all revolve around the same concepts.  Focus on breathing deeply and slowly.  Then focus on your thoughts and empower yourself with you mind.

I have used transcendental meditation to help improve my confidence and to help find clarity in my thoughts.  The mind is a powerful tool we do not use to it's full potential.  By simply repeating "I believe" as a mantra or chant for 15 minutes and focusing on that one phrase, I have been able to transform my thinking.  Too often today we focus on our negative thoughts.  When you give yourself time to focus on a positive thought, it is absolutely amazing to see the results.  

 If you are having trouble with lack of confidence, "I believe" is an empowering mantra.  If you are stressed out and cannot find relief, try laying down and repeating "I'm feeling relaxed" in your mind while exhaling.  Whatever you are struggling with, turn to the "bright side" and create a mantra to empower yourself.  I encourage you to give it a try.  Learn what type works best for you.  Everyone is different, but we all are the same at our absolute origin.  Life.


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