It's Your Life! Live It Up!

If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be?  Are you currently working this job?  Are you working another job?  Why?

I recently found myself working a job I thought was the right one for me.  I loved many aspects of my job.  I also realized that there were many aspects that I did not agree with.  Once I had the time to slow down from everything going on, I was able to see exactly how much my job was affecting my life.  I realized my job was causing me an unnecessary amount of stress in my life.  I worked in what I came to perceive and realize was a negative environment.  

Along with working full time, I was in graduate school part-time taking anywhere from 6-7 hours along with clinical.  At the time I was too busy to realize that this was too much.  I became stressed out, and did not realize it.  My stress levels continued to rise leading to anxiety and later on depression.  Depression is wicked...I would compare it to absolute darkness with no sunlight.  Once I had time to acknowledge this and realize the sources of my stress, I was able to start balancing my life.

Balance in life can be quite tricky to learn.  Must of us have work, other obligations, families, and we want more than we can handle.  In a sense we hold ourselves back from enjoying every minute were alive.  We should value every second of everyday, as the next second is not guaranteed.  Why do we try to accomplish too much?  Are we living for what believe we want to do, or are we trying to impress others?  

In final thought think about this? Are you giving your body the same treatment you give your house, cars, careers, school, and etc?  If not why? When your body is not treated well, it can adapt, however one day it will become to tired and decide to stop adapting.  I encourage you to consider this and acknowledge this and work towards improving with small steps daily. In the end the choice is yours and you can not blame others for your choices and actions.


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